The Truth Is….I am Beautiful.

Wisdom in believing… Wisdom in truth.

beau·ti·ful-of a very high standard; excellent.

So I’ve declared that this year I will be ok, rather, believe that despite my flaws, insecurities and sporadic health issues, I am beautiful. It’s not enough to adorn yourself with wonderful garments because you may find yourself obsessing and defining your value in them. So, I will first adorn myself with the truth, that I am beautiful. There can be NO mistake in that, there can be no compromise, not for any guy to appease his fetish or idea of bias beauty, or trend. I will first adorn myself with the ultimate truth that before I was formed in my mothers womb, while you began to mold me with silkened smooth chocolate skin, irregular textured surfaces and multicolored shades of brown throughout intricate parts of me YOU looked and said, “She’s beautiful, She’s perfect” So, I accept this compliment that I constantly doubt and deny, I accept that this creation is indeed Beautiful. Why would I disagree with you? Maybe I can think of a few reasons, but the fact is You never fail and that alone trumps EVERY excuse.

You should try it.


-Marie K. Charles

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