January 2016: Fellowship Recap- Prayer Call

The Year of Wisdom with Calling All is going to be AMAZING!!!!

The Daughters Team is looking to gain wisdom through relationships with ourselves, our families and with others our purpose and our careers.

The Sons Team is looking to gain wisdom in the areas of finance a 3 part fellowship workshop on Stewardship, Investments and Entrepreneurship.

But we can’t start any of this without trusting God and working on ourย relationship with God, through Prayer and the Word.

So if you missed the Prayer Call in January… TAKE A LISTEN!!!!!


In 2016, Calling All Fellowship will begin providing you with valuable, realistic and challenging content because it will be an awesome start to becoming the CHRISTIAN HUB for our generation!!!!!

BOOOOM!!! You like that? OWWW!!!!!!!

It’s about to get LIT…LOL>.>>>> HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

So what does that mean?ย 

I’m glad you asked ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Meeting new and like-minded people
  2. Monthly Fellowships partnering with different groups, speakers and orgs to give tangible assistance and practical advice.
  3. Shedding light on various groups, orgs, speakers to assist and improve your consistent efforts of being non-negotiable with your faith walk in every area of your lives and in every season of your life.
  4. Sharing and supporting start up businesses and organizations materials, events and tips on our social media outlets.
  5. Sharing new tips and accountability with wisdom and the word in the areas of finance, family, purpose, relationships, and constantly improving our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
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