I’m just a simple girl who thinks Faith in Christ is everything.
I was raised in the church all of my life but truly came to an understanding of who God was in me and to me when I  experienced him for myself in my last year of college. The world suddenly seemed out of sync with what I wanted to do. All of my plans suddenly went out the window and unknowingly so, God began to take me on a journey with him, pulling out and investing in the things that I didn’t consider worthy but He considered worthwhile, to truly transform my utmost hearts desire into an actual process of finding my purpose. 
My senior year of undergrad, I got mixed up in some legal/court battles and God showed me that He was a judge, a lawyer and a healer. Dealing with depression God showed me He was a restorer and that He will never let me go. Dealing with self-esteem issues and the battle of the mind and identity, He IS showing me that He loves, unconditionally and without reproach. Im thankful that I went through this, but It was not easy AT ALL!!! I could not have survived if it wasn’t for praying friends and family members that heard my frustrations, let me cry, helped me laugh, hugged me, sent me just because text messages and phone calls that reminded me of Gods continuous thoughts of love towards me.
I started Calling All Fellowship because I needed support, and unfortunately never really getting support as a child, understood the need for it in my faith walk with Christ. SO, what better time to start this journey and group than when entering the real world, straight out of college!! I’m on a continuous journey towards healing, clarity and deliverance in Christ. Knowing that I can not do this on my own and needing a safe space to vent, download, without feeling judged and to finally be honest with likeminded people. I started with a group of young imperfect professionals, seekers, artists, entrepreneurs, grad students, and more, to come and really understand the will of God in every day living, hearing others testimonies motivated us to change for the better, forming accountability partners, and to bridge those who have been hurt either from the church or people back to Christ by simply encouraging, and showing love.
I invite you to journey, push, press and praise with me while I walk this walk of Faith. I can’t promise you that I’ll get everything right along the way but I can promise that if we keep our eyes on where our  help comes from, to hills and His word, we’ll have the belt of truth to always hold us up and keep us on the right path.