Calling All Daughters

About The Daughters

Calling All Daughters is an extension of Calling All Fellowship, specifically created to support and encourage women by providing love and bible –based advice and conversations. We promote and strive for all women that come to our fellowships and events that we aid in building their self confidence, self esteem, as well as encouraging all women to lead and live a Christ centered and purpose driven life. We enjoy collaborating with different women organizations/groups in our fellowships to better assist our supporters with any help they may need. We believe in this walk with Jesus, having like-minded friends or simply other like-minded women around you forces you to make better choices and decisions.

Come and bring your baggage and we'll help you unpack it, even if its just to help you open it. Any committed step towards change we will help you keep you accountable.

What Makes Us Different???

Famous Question: Is this a bible-study?

No, it is not a bible study, we are a support group, whose foundations and principles are in the Word of God. We are a group of like-minded women who believe in God and have been saved by Jesus Christ on all levels and who gather to have discussions about life, what we're going through and how the Word of God can direct our paths.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of a testimony, so if you have had an experience with Jesus, we believe that in your testimony others will be healed, come to know or experience Jesus on a different level and come to an understanding that they are not alone in their situation/s. We bridge any supporter with other organizations, groups, churches, or individuals that will help with any problems they may be facing to better aid and guide them in whatever journey of change or healing they may be going through.

Our vision is to make sure that you are strengthening the consistency of your faith walk. When you know better, you do better.

So, If you had an experience with God, are in organization or group and would love to co-facilitate one of our fellowships, we welcome any woman of God who Loves Jesus, have had a life-changing experience with Him either big or small and wouldn’t mind sharing their testimony, to help someone else get their healing, clarity or deliverance.


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