The Chopping Block

Join us for our next installment of “The Chopping Block” hosted by the Sons on Sunday June 21st at 7:00PM.

The Bible study will be focused on James Chapter 4 & 5. Read it beforehand and come ready to discuss.

If you are looking for a more bible focused and driven discussion different from our regular fellowships The Chopping Block is for you.

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Golfing with The Sons

If you missed out see below:

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Calling All Sons: Golfing with The Sons

The Golfing with Sons event was a tremendous event. We had a chance to hit the green. Thanks to Ali Muhammad, a certified golf instructor, for leading the golf instruction. Ali spoke on the history of golf, his personal journey to Calling All Sons, and the proper form and technique with using golf clubs.

Congrats to Sean Campbell for winning the putting competition.

A special thanks to our guest speakers: Isaiah J. Tate, artist and musician; and Tobi Babajide, Co – Owner of Herds of The Fathers, for sharing their testimony and giving advice to everyone in attendance on how to discover the plans of God in their life and how to execute that plan.

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The Prayer Hike is next month. Get Ready!

God, Why?

God, Why?

Ever have a “God Why Me?” moment? Why This, Why Now, God Why??? Well I have, several to be correct. They always come unexpectedly and they always seem to happen when it looks like your making progress. At one point so much was happening to me at the same time that I went from “God, Why?” to “God, Really though??” I just could not understand why God would allow so much to happen. Eventually, me being the believer that I am, I confronted Him in prayer and you know what He told me? He said to me, “Shall the Clay question the Potter?” And I said, “You Right!” I immediately prayed for forgiveness and asked God to redirect my gaze off of my circumstances and on Him. You see, its human nature to simply focus on what’s in front of you regardless of whether or not it’s good or bad, but God sees beyond that. For God, there are no limitations. As a matter of fact one limits themselves when they don’t focus on God. God never promised that this life would be easy, or that everything would be perfect, in retrospect years ago when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I remember a lot of people telling me that life was going to get harder and that the enemy’s attacks would be a lot stronger, and they were right. But it’s all part of us bearing our cross and following Jesus. I can sit here and spit out bible verses upon bible verses on how to deal with “Why, God” moments but that won’t really solve anything because at the end of the day, the only way a person can counteract a “Why, God” moment is through prayer. It is in your prayer time with Him that He will take your “Why”, and turn it into Praise!

“Father God in Heaven You alone are worthy to be praised! I lift up every brother and every sister in Christ who may be having a “Why,God” moments and I pray that You may strengthen them through the blood of your Son Jesus Christ. Lord we know that all things work for the good of those who love You and are called according to Your purpose and so God even in the midst of our trials, our storms, and our circumstances, let our gaze never leave You, let our hearts always seek You, and let our mouths always Praise You! Lord I declare that You have already done a NEW thing, we believe it and we receive it! Thank Lord for turning the “Why, God” moments into “Praise God!” moments. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen!”          

 Danapolie Brice

Calling All Fellowship