#WETHESONS Blog Post #1

        Whats up bros! I know it’s been a minute since we’ve all seen each other. I hope we can link up at our next fellowship on March 13th! Below is a new series we’ve started called #WETHESONS. Our hope is to send out bi weekly emails with content that will be a blessing to you whether it is music, sermons, quick thoughts, devotionals, etc. It’s simply a blog post for us via email. If you would like to submit something to be on the email chain just send an email to callingallsons@gmailcom and we can have you be the featured blog post for the week.
Blogger: – Moses Salami
What’s on my Mind?
I’ve been reading the book of James and it has really been speaking to me about living my faith out boldly through Christ. I’m still making my way through the book and taking it all it but it is a great book and I am learning a lot. Check out the video below. Matt Chandler is a great pastor who presents the word of God in a clear and unique way I have never seen before. Check out his sermon below on the book of James. I’m sure it will be great for you!
“Brother Servant” by Matt Chandler – Pastor of The Village Church
What Am I Reading?
Loveology – John Mark Comer
 This has been a great read so far. I received this book as a gift from a secret santa exchange and finally have had a chance to read it. It;s been an insightful book so far on God, Love, Marriage, and Sex. The biggest point so far that I’ve taken away from the book is what is the purpose of marriage. There are four parts: Friendship, Gardening, Sexuality, and Family. Sounds interesting I know. To find out more about it I suggest getting the book. I’ll let yall know more once I finish the book completely.
Music – What’s in my ear?
Below you will find some of my favorite Christian Rappers. I’m someone that is very critical of music and for me to be a fan of a rapper thats Christian, it takes a lot. I look for quality production, lyrics, a message, and most importantly talent. I have to say my ears have been blessed by the growth of Christian Hip Hop. I know yall know the major artists like Andy Mineo, Lecrae, and Trip Lee but I would like to shed some light on lesser know artists that are just as skilled and have quality content. Check these guys out!
S.O. – “Memoirs” (Wish You Were Around)
           Artist: S.O.
           Album: So It Continues


John Givez – American Dream
          Artist: John Givez
          Album: Four Seasons
Dee-1 – “Against Us”
         Artist: Dee-1
         Album: 3’s Up
Have a great week bros!
Moses Salami
Calling All Sons

Preview YouTube video Book Of James Part 1 | Brother Servant [Pastor Matt Chandler]

Book Of James Part 1 | Brother Servant [Pastor Matt Chandler]

Preview YouTube video S.O. “Memoirs” (Wish You Were Around) Music Video | @sothekid @lampmode

S.O. “Memoirs” (Wish You Were Around) Music Video | @sothekid @lampmode

Preview YouTube video John Givez – American Dream (@JohnGivez @KingsDreamEnt)

John Givez – American Dream (@JohnGivez @KingsDreamEnt)

Preview YouTube video Dee-1 – Against Us

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